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As the Summer is in full swing, and schools across the country are enjoying overseas explorations and project work, we look back out our intrepid explorers from 2011 who fundraised and travelled to Kenya.

Nicholas Periklis and Lawrence Haslam give an account of their team’s experience:

“It’s 6am and it hasn’t quite occurred to me that the mission I’m about to embark on is most likely to be the hardest I will ever have to do... Kenya, here we come!

One year of preparation, or 6 bag packing events, 12 cake sales and a lot of involuntary but paid car washing has led to this day, and the subsequent weeks to come.

@weareworldchallenge leaders were joined by our familiar, friendly-faced Mr Bromley and Mr Webber, or as they were aptly names during the course of the trip, Mario and Luigi. I’ll let you decide who’s who.

We were also accompanied by our very own #worldchallenge leader, Alan, our man who would be making sure we didn’t find ourselves in hairy situations.

The Kenya expedition would consist of a number of challenges and hurdles. The first we met as we were just leaving arrivals at Nairobi, this was a cultural adjustment, as almost immediately we were surrounded by people wanting to help us load the bus, in return for a tip, something that wasn’t necessarily bad, it just took some time adjusting too.

The first major challenge we met was the climb of Mt Longonot, an extinct volcano, the climb took a few hours and quite a bit of effort, but nothing compared to climbing Mt Kenya though!

Once we reached the top of the mountains, the views were spectacular!

We didn’t just climb to the top, we also circled the rim of the crater; the mountain had interesting features, as the crater was essentially a forest with a self-contained eco-system...for those geography buffs who are reading this.

The main challenge of the trip, however, was the climb of Mt Kenya - again another distinct volcano. This climb took 6 days, in that time we climbed 4.99 kilometres vertically and many more kilometres laterally, to get to our goal, Point Lenana.

The climb had some unique challenges, the hardest being the vertical bog; this bog was located on an extreme incline making challenging to climb. As we climbed higher and higher, the terrain changed from being almost tropical at the base to being periglacial toward the summit of Point Lenana and the area around the Austrian Hut, one of the number of camps we stayed at overnight.

Once we reached the top of Mt Kenya, this effort all became worth it. First you have the sheer sense of achievement of having reached the summit of the mountain and then you have the OMG moment when you see the view, it really is amazing!

During our time in Kenya, we were also very lucky to take part in a safari, which was most certainly one of the highlights of the trip. We saw an array of animals including the vague outline of lions in the distance! It was truly astonishing!

To conclude, the times as a team we shared in Kenya were truly memorable and are sure to stay with us for a lifetime. A wonderful and unforgettable experience.”

Lovely to read! Do let us know if you were on this trip or have similar stories to share with our Challoner Network. Tag yourself or friends if you see yourself in one of the photos. We hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer!
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