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Challoner Lotto

As we approach our 60th anniversary year, the PTA would like to launch a ‘Challoner Lotto’, giving the members the opportunity to win big cash prizes, with the remainder providing funding for the school, specifically targeted at capital improvements.

The first project the school would like to focus on is a bespoke sports pavilion on the back field.

The final format of the lotto is yet to be finalised but the basic principles would work as follows:

  1. There will be a limited number of members of the lotto.
  2. Participants would contribute £10 per month.
  3. A draw will be taken either monthly or quarterly for a single winner.
  4. Participants would have to commit for a minimum of 12 months.

As an example, if the lotto attracts 200 members, the ‘pot’ would earn £2,000 per month or £6,000 per quarter.  If the prize money is 25% of the ‘pot’, the winner, depending on the final format, will win either £500 or £1,500.  If the lotto attracts 300 members, the ‘pot’ will increase to £750 per month or £2,250 per quarter.

At this stage, we are seeking expressions of interest from current parents, old boys and friends of the school before we can determine the final numbers, draw and prize money.

If this is something you would like to participate in and help the school continue to provide outstanding facilities for the students, as well as have the opportunity to win a significant sum of money, please click here to fill out an expression of interest survey in the first instance.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

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