Welcome to the Challoner Network

The Challoner Network has been developed to benefit different groups of people associated with the school, for the benefit of each other and the future generation. And for the Alumni, join now to start connecting with old school friends and staff, and begin sharing stories.

The ABC of the Challoner Network

Alumni Network

Pupils and staff, past and present, connecting and networking, offering advice and support, providing opportunities and lasting friendships.

Business Network

Local and alumni businesses working together for the benefit of each other and the school. Quality businesses in a supportive network and supporting the local community.

Community Network

Friends, local community and past and present parents supporting each other, the school and the future generation.

Who should join the network?

Alumni Network

  • Past Pupils
  • Present 6 Formers
  • Present Staff
  • Past Staff

Business Network

  • Community Businesses
  • Alumni Businesses

Community Network

  • Community Members
  • Present Parents
  • Past Parents
  • Friends of the School

Establishing and developing the
the Challoner Business Network

Benefits of joining

Becoming a member of Challoner and Friends helps us keep in touch with you and enables you to connect and network with a remarkable group of people who all share the key aim of helping and supporting each other.

  • Regular news and updates
  • Invites to alumni reunions
  • Join a growing supportive network network
  • Find friends and members
  • Access Alumni ‘must-haves’
  • Community discounts
  • Invites to events throughout the year
  • Connect with career networks
  • Provide support and advice to pupils and members
  • Speak at school
  • Support our fundraising
  • Friends for life

Support the future generation
by joining the Challoner Network

Our Business Network Members