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About BeesMAX

BeesMAX is an environmental renewal and regeneration project. We focus on education being the key deliverable through which corporates will sponsor our junior hives in schools. We use Arnia technology in a totally new way to make the BeesMAX project possible.

The Arnia IT equipment collects the bee hive data 24/7 which is stored on cloud-based servers, widening the participation in beekeeping to all school pupils; at the desktop, in the classroom and not just for the few who go the extra mile putting on overalls and gloves to physically inspect a hive.

Challoner Privilege Card Scheme Benefits

For a 12oz jar of honey at £6 we donate 50p to the school.


I’ve been buying Mark’s honey to give as presents, particularly to Icelandic friends and business partners as there are very few honey-producing bees in Iceland! The honey is delicious and I know that it has also been enjoyed by those that I have given it to, so if you’re looking for a locally produced natural product to give as a present why not contact Mark at BeesMAX?
Julia Jones.

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Up to 50% of colonies dying out

Mark Gale