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The importance of washing hands with soap and water

Germ experiments are often left to laboratory scientists, but a simple, homemade experiment by one of our friends shows explicitly why washing hands with simple soap and water is so effective in combating the spread of germs. Please read and share!

Article from Challoner Community member

‘The importance of washing hands with soap and water’

About three months ago my three boys and I did an experiment to observe the growth of germs. Two of the my boys have low immunity and have had 16 bugs in total since last August, and one of them is not so great with his hand hygiene.

The Experiment

We used five slices of bread.

  • Slice 1 was put in a sealed bag untouched (our ‘control’)
  • Slice 2 was touched by us all after using hand sanitiser
  • Slice 3 was touched by us all with unwashed hands
  • Slice 4 was wiped over our computer keyboard and phone
  • Slice 5 was touched by us all once we had washed our hands with normal soap and water

We then left all five slices in their sealed bags for three weeks. The results speak for themselves:

Slice 1 below – Untouched (our ‘control’) – after three weeks:

Slice 2 below – After being touched with hands after using hand sanitiser – after three weeks:

Slice 3 below – After being touched with unwashed hands – after three weeks:

Slice 4 below – After being wiped over computer keyboard and phone – after three weeks:

Slice 5 below – After washing hands with normal soap and water- after three weeks:


Well, what can we say? Please WASH YOUR HANDS as often as you can, if not for yourselves then for those around you who are most vulnerable.

This article was sent to us by our dear friend, Emma. Thank you so much, Emma. Please contact us if you have any information or news you would like to share with the community.

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