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Our Alumni, Business and Community networks are aimed at bringing together the Challoner community in order to develop meaningful connections that can make a positive impact on individuals and campaigns most in need.

We encourage all past and present pupils, staff and parents, friends of the school and local community, to join us to help us make a difference.

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Alumni Network

Your network to reconnect, share stories and interests, and provide support and advice.

Business Network

Local businesses sharing our ethos of respect for each other, creating a strong, caring and cohesive business network.

Community Network

Past and present parents and friends of the school. A network to connect and share stories, support and advice.

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Creating a strong, caring and cohesive
network for us all to share and enjoy

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Establishing the Challoner Business Network.

Developing a Business Network at the school has many benefits for pupils, alumni, and the community. We hope to harness our networks to support local businesses whilst providing a supporting business network for our members.

Business Network

Our Business Network Members